Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator For RV

As a happy owner of an RV, you sometimes need an off-grid setting during a heavy power outage. For instance, you need to cook or light your whole RV, or maybe you are willing to run some electronic appliances at the same time. In that case, you will need a huge amount of power backup.

Moreover, there are so many circumstances that will lead you to look for the best dual fuel inverter generator for your RV. The inverter generators are unique in features and functionalities.

Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Reviews

Today we are going to explain and compare among the best dual fuel inverter generators based on price, quality, performance, functionality, noise level, and more. We’ll also discuss the advantages, features, weights, outlets and so many topics to make it easy for you to choose the ideal dual fuel inverter generator for your RV.

Why Dual-Fuel Inverter Generators are Better

There are a lot of reasons why these dual fuel inverters are dominating the generator market. One of the most important advantages of these dual fuel inverters is that they produce clean energy and you have the full flexibility to run it either with propane or gasoline.

Moreover, there are some segments where you will find dual fuels as more worthy to use than the other conventional generators, as dual fuel inverters are far way better in quality and functionality in so many cases of use.

Here are the top 7 best dual fuel inverter generators on the market

1. Honda EU3000i

If you have done a little bit of research about the dual fuel generators, you probably know that Honda is producing the best generators considering functionality and quality. Honda is the most popular and reliable name in the generator market with extremely low noise levels and huge power output. Honda DU 3000i is another great power machine manufactured by Honda which has received a huge amount of positive reviews on the online market. The steel frame design gives it a sturdy look and the big fuel tank provides the flexibility of using both gasoline and propane. As the fuel consumption of Honda EU 3000i is very low, you don’t have to worry about the wastage of fuel, as the generator will use every single drop of its fuel. Honda EU 3000i dual fuel inverter generator produces 2800 rated watts which is suitable for powering your sensitive electronics. You can power up your equipment worry-free.


  1. The generator is highly efficient.
  2. It is able to run in parallel with other inverters.
  3. It can run 20 consecutive hours with only 3.5 gallons of fuel.


  1. The generator is quite heavy compared to other inverter generators.


2. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

champion 3400-watt dual fuel

If you intend to purchase a generator that contains almost the same quality as the Honda, but a little bit low in price, then you must keep the Champion series in your preference. The Champion 3400 offers 3100 running watts. Apart from its flexibility of running in both propane and gasoline it also contains a very low noise level of 59 decibels. The weight is quite moderate. The highly efficient OHV engine contains fuel gauge features and produces clean power with pure sine waves that allow you to run your sensitive electronics without worrying about being blown away. The fuel tank provides a propane hose with the unit to set up the propane easily. The dual-fuel feature allows easy refueling and an electric start ensures the convenience of the starting function.


  1. Runs in both propane and gasoline.
  2. You will be able to run other generators with a parallel kit.
  3. It Runs 8 hours on gas and 14 hours on propane on ¼ load.


  1. A little bit louder compared to Honda.
  2. Some issues have been reported considering the carburetor.


3. Duromax XP12000EH

DuroMax XP12000EH

This heavy-duty beast is made of a durable steel frame. Provides high power output. Its highly efficient OHV engine produces clean power of 1200 running watts. With fuel gauge and electric start features, this generator is one of the most desired dual fuel inverter generators among consumers. If you have gone through some of the dual fuel generator reviews you should have had the idea that Duromax is one the most elegant and user-friendly dual fuel generators among the inverters. With a great power output, it provides 1200 running watts on gasoline. Its highly efficient fuel tank never fails to provide a great running time. The generator is a little bit louder which is considered to be the only drawback to its popularity. The generator can produce 11400 peak watts on propane, and run up to 9 hours continuously.


  1. Heavy-duty power output
  2. Able to run 120 volt and 240 outlets at the same time


  1. Louder, compared to the other generators on the list.


4. Westinghouse WGen3600DF

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

With all the necessary certifications including CARB, EPA, and CSA, Westinghouse WGen3600DF is one of the most fuel-efficient and generators which can run 18 hours on pure gasoline and 11 hours on propane. A low price and user-friendly generator that comes with a lot of convenient technologies like electric start and fuel gauge. The new upgraded version also contains a remote start feature which allows you to start the generator from a long distance. It may not provide the most powerful output, but the generator is quite competent to keep your electronic devices running all night.


  1. Extremely affordable
  2. Contains a long runtime


  1. Compared to the other generator of the same brand, it is a bit larger in size.


5. DuroMax XP2000EH

DuroMax XP12000EH Portability

If you intend to purchase a generator for camping purposes and you don’t require a heavy power output, rather you prefer to have one with decent portability, then DuroMax XP2000EH is the ideal choice for you. The generator contains 2000 peak watts of pure gasoline. It can run up to 21 hours and generate clean power on propane. The fuel tank can hold 21 lbs of fuel. The fuel consumption is pretty low which makes the generator one of the most commercial generators on the market. DuroMax XP 2000 EH is also popular for its lightweight feature. The generator weighs only 47 pounds which makes it easy for any person to hold and carry. When it comes to the noise level, the generator produces 61 decibels of sound level which is similar to the normal conversation between 2 individuals.


  1. Extremely lightweight.
  2. Provides a huge duration of run time.
  3. Produce a very low level of noise while generating.


  1. The gasoline fuel tank is a little bit small in size


6. WEN DF475T

WEN DF475T Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start Transfer Switch

WEN is very consistent in producing powerful generators from time to time. For a long period of time, WEN is one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands in the generator market. WEN DF475T is one of the most efficient and well-designed models with very advanced technologies and features. The quality and the functionality of the generator is bagger description. The generator got 11 hours of run time on gasoline and 7 hours on propane. The generator includes some advanced features like electric start, fuel gauge, and electric recoil. Its super-low weight makes it suitable for camping or tailgating. WEN DF475T comes with 2 years warranty.


  1. The generator is extremely affordable and low in price.
  2. As it has a very low weight, it is portable and easy to carry around.


  1. The generator has limited power outlets.

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7. Generac iQ2000

generac iq2000 Features

Last but not least. Generac 6866 iQ2000 is the most economical model on our least of best dual fuel inverter generator for RV. At a very decent price, the generator can operate for 6 consecutive hours and can produce 1600 watts of clean power. That means it has the capacity to run an AC while necessary. With a 25% load, it can operate for 8 hours. The generator is user-friendly and simple to operate. Extremely lightweight and portable which allows you to use it in camping or tailgating, and even for your RV. Generac 6866 iQ2000 is all-time classic and one of the most favorite generators for home users. We have found so many recommendations from the consumers and we didn’t have to think much to keep it on our list.


  1. Highly efficient with a moderate run time.
  2. Extremely lightweight.


  1. According to some consumers, it runs a bit rough at it’s first running session.


What to Consider While Buying Dual Fuel Portable Generators


If you are willing to buy dual fuel portable generators, the first thing you must consider is the performance. There are different brands and manufacturers. Each company comes up with different models with different features in it. You must identify your required performance and then look for the generators that match your expectations. In that case, you have to take a look at the design and the used materials as the performance of the generator depends on the design and the materials that are used in it.


Portability is another important thing that you must consider while buying an inverter generator. There are some generators that pretty much everyone can lift, but there are always some ordinaries in everything. Some companies manufacture really heavy generators which are pretty good in quality. But for the heavyweight, the consumers don’t intend to purchase those.

If you want to use the inverter for your RV, you will definitely want to purchase a lighter one. You won’t want your RV to be filled up with heavy instruments that can make it difficult to bear the weight. Also, lightweight portable dual fuel generators are suitable choices for camping or tailgating parties.

Safety and Noise Level

You must consider the safety features before purchasing an inverter generator. You must check if the generator is EPA and CARB compliant or not. You must need this certificate to generate the inverter inside California as the law is tougher here. Also, there are some generators that don’t contain spark safety which can lead to a major accident.

Noise level is one of the most important criteria you need to consider before buying a generator. You surely don’t want to make your neighbor annoyed with the loud sound of your generator. And a loud noisy generator is enough to spoil your camping experience.

Power Output

It’s an obvious fact that we all look at the power output before buying a generator. The output of the generator depends on the starting watts and the running watts. For buying a good generator containing good backup power, we must look into the requirement first. The necessity of the power output differs according to the purpose of use. You need a particular amount of power backup if you want to use it for your RV, you need another in case you want it for home or camping. So choose the ideal one that matches your requirement.


Last but not least. Undoubtedly, budget is the key to any purchase. We have many expectations but fail to achieve them for money. In the case of purchasing a generator, money is the most important thing you need to have a good experience with a good quality inverter. However, in many cases, you don’t need a huge amount of money if you need a smaller generator with a  moderate power outage.

Advantages of Dual Fuel Generators

Advantages of Dual Fuel Generators

Reliability and dependability

Dual fuel generators are famous for their advanced technology and suitable design. They are eligible for being operated with both gas and propane. The versatile usability and flexible functions made these inverters the best of both worlds.


For heavy power output and safety using these dual fuel generators are unique and exceptional as they produce pure sine wave which is a must-needed feature for running sensitive electronics safely. Also, the OHV engine of dual-fuel inverters generates clean power with very low fuel consumption. While choosing a generator, it’s mandatory to consider the usability, functionality, and quality to maintain a good experience with an ideal generator.


Most of the dual-fuel generators are highly equipped and heavily designed. Most of them come with metal steel frame structures which allows them to be steadfast in any kind of natural disaster or harsh condition. The strong and sturdy structure also works to reduce vibration and noise.

Easy switching between fuels

In an emergency, you can change the fuel type according to your wish. You might not get one of the fuels near the location you want to run a generator in. you can get your work done with the other one.


You will find the dual-fuel generators cheaper and affordable compared to the other inverter generators. Also, dual fuel generators give you the flexibility of using two different fuel types. You can use any of these two according to your budget.

Disadvantages of Dual Fuel Generators

There are so many advantages of dual fuel generators. But everything has some disadvantages to make the proverb true, “nothing is perfect.”  There are some disadvantages of dual fuel inverter generators. Most of the dual-fuel generators are a little bit heavier compared to the conventional generators. They also make a lot of noise. That apart, the design of dual-fuel generators are suitable for heavy use, so it contains a larger fuel tank and control panel which make them more elegant and cost a little more money. There are some more disadvantages of dual fuel inverter generators for RV.

Environmental footprint

Propane and gasoline are a great cause of destroying the air atmosphere and these gases are one of the reasons for the greenhouse effect. So dual fuel generators lose one point here for being a risky product for the environment.

Carbon dioxide emission

This is a known fact that most of the generators eject carbon dioxide while operating. Dual fuel generator is not different from them. But one thing which is special about these products is you can control the amount of emission on carbon dioxide. The maintenance of these generators is very easy.


The more feature it has, the heavier it gets. As the dual-fuel generators contain bigger fuel tanks and some other important features, these generators are quite heavy compared to the camping generators. Other than that, these are much lighter than the home generators.


Final Word

In this article, we have tried our best to bring out all the best dual fuel inverter generators for RV in front of you. We can assure you these are the best on the market. The thing you, it is completely up to you which one matches your purpose and budget.

Dual fuel generators have both advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose if you can consider these disadvantages as bearable and if they contain all the necessary tools and abilities in case of functionality. The ideal way to choose the best inverter for you is to select the necessary power output you want for your RV. Calculate properly and then select one from our list. Dual fuel generators are undoubtedly the best on the generator market. But as we can see there are both advantages and disadvantages of these generators. So you must consider the above requirements before buying the suitable one that matches your requirement without burning a hole in your wallet.

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