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Portable generators are a welcome addition to many activities at home, at work, and away. In an emergency, portable generators can provide critical backup power. They make camping and tailgating more comfortable. And contractors appreciate the flexibility portable power brings to the Jobsite. (source: Generac)

Generac GP5500 At A Glance

You must set up your mind to buy a Generac GP5500 generator, right? We assume you are just a little confused about the quality. No worry. Here we are. We will tell you every single feature and ability of this generator and also we will give you some alternatives so that you can compare and decide by yourself. So let’s get started.

Technical Specs of  Generac GP5500

Wattage: 6880 Starting / 5500 Running WattsOutlets: (4) 5-20R 120V,
(1) L14-30R, Twist-Lock 120/240V

Noise Level: 71 dB @ 50% load
Weight: 171 lbs

Fuel Type: Gasoline
Dimensions: 28.75" x 26.75" x 25"

Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.2 gal
Engine: 389 cc, OHV

Run Time: 10h @ 50% load
Starting Method: Manual recoil

Power & Run Time

The Generac 5975 GP5500 generator featured a 389cc OHV engine, a highly efficient and long-lasting fuel tank, and a sturdy steel frame.

It’s OHV engine runs with the common fuel type: gasoline, and produces 5,500 running watts of pure energy, with a starting watt of 6,875w.

That is more than enough power to run an RV (recreational vehicle) or provide backup power to your residence for almost 10 consecutive hours.

Let’s compare the run time, weight, and backup power. Compared to the other portable generators, the Generac portable generator has a lot of backup power and a great run time.

The fuel tank contains 7.2-gallons gasoline volume, which provides backup power for up to 10 hours on a 50% load, making it the most long-lasting portable generator of this particular brand that we are looking for.

Indeed, if you decide to buy the more expensive and higher-powered model from the GP range, you’ll get longer run times. But for a generator of this particular size, it’s praiseworthy that it can generate a huge power 10 hours with just 50% load.

Again, 6,875 starting watts is amazingly impressive for a generator of this budget cost. Generac GP5500 portable generator avoids overload with the pull start-up requirements of an electric start. More like it starts on the first pull manually.

Even though this generator is a little bit noisy, it still runs at around 71 decibels of sound level, making it one of the louder generators we selected from this brand.

The loudest one was only two decibels higher than this. You will still be able to hear the conversations over its sound, especially if you are not standing too close while it’s running, but probably it’s not the best option to take it camping.


Generac gp5500 Outlets

One of the most attractive features of a portable generator is that you can hook up things to it. You will not get any DC outlet here.

Don’t worry; you will have four standard outlets (120 volts, 20 amp) and also a single industrial locking outlet (120 volts, 30 amp) for easy usage.

Undoubtedly that will be enough for most people’s necessities. These five circuit breaker protected outlets are covered to avoid damage.



Generac GP5500 Portability

The compact storage feature of Generac GP5500 is another outstanding breakthrough. It’s also sturdy and long lasting. The generator has a strong, steel frame, making it resistible to damage and well-decorated for heavy-duty use.

Keep in mind that it is fairly heavy, weighing up to 171 pounds. That’s a little bit heavier than the other generators of the same category that average of 132 pounds. However, it is easily portable. thanks to its 9.5-inch never flat wheels and a foldable handle.



Generac GP5500 Features

You might expect, the Generac portable generator does not contain any advanced features to achieve a more affordable price. Its heavy-duty OHV engine with splash lubrication generates an impressive amount of power.

The splash lubrication safeguards the engine from damage and prolongs the overall lifespan of the generator. Its large capacity steel fuel tank added durability and strength.

The high efficient Generac OHV engine is a great service provider for several reasons. The best among them is that it holds the valves just at the top of the cylinder head instead of the flathead engine. This stable structure provides a long engine life and manages voltage regulation.

It’s splash lubrication provides a long, safe, durability, and extended run time. This outstanding engineering improvement proves that the machine is smaller in size, less complicated, and long-lasting.

The control panel is limited on this model, compared to other portable generators, but it’s very convenient. That aside, there are only an hour meter tracks that show when this portable generator is prepared for routine usage.

This portable generator features a low oil level shutdown that automatically safeguards the engine to decrease the risk of engine damage, but it does not have an indicator light for a signal.

The Generac portable generator uses a recoil starter. It’s not difficult to use, but we would have preferred a remote start or an electric push start. That would be more suitable to use.

It can generate most household appliances, including power tools, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other demanding items. Due to the balanced running watts and starting watts, it can manage safe running sessions of sensitive electronics and small devices like computers, lights, heaters, etc.

Its heavy-duty engine provides extended run times, making it capable of generating a huge amount of usable electricity necessary for construction sites and recreational activities, and emergency use.

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One of the biggest reasons for being is our top choice of a portable generator is its price. Compared to the other portable generators, the power and utility you get from the Generac 5975 GP5500 are exceptionally outstanding.

It costs around $950+ if you purchase it directly from Generac dealers. However, if you want to get it from a retailer company like Home Depot, Amazon, or Walmart, you can get it at a discount of almost $900+.

Even though there are more suitable options available, some come with more convenient features; some are more portable, but you’ll be paying over $2,000 extra to get them. Costing below $1,000, the service you get from Generac GP5500 is exceptionally great.

Online Customer Reviews & Ratings

Generac GP5500 portable inverter generator got an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars among 750 user reviews. At the same time, it scored 4.7 out of 5 in Home Depot among 1,000 reviews. On the other hand, according to our last check-up, Amazon users have rated it 3.7 out of 5, among 97 reviews on Amazon.

The majority of the consumers reported that it is effortless to assemble and provides an outstanding performance. Many of them found that it starts quickly, as it takes only one pull to start.

One consumer has reported that he used it as the only source of power at home for almost five months. He used it daily for up to 16 hours, and he got a trouble-free experience and admired its long engine life.

However, very few consumers have reported that the Generac portable generator broke down after using less than a year.

Among the little drawbacks of the Generac GP5500 portable generator, a regular comment is it it’s noisier than the expectation, and it has been mentioned that even the muffler isn’t effective at decreasing the sound level.

Some buyers reported that it is surprisingly quiet. As the comments are different, keep in mind that this feedbacks are totally subjective.

Finally, very few users have found out that the engine may have problems while running on gasoline, which is purchased from a standard gasoline pump. This carries ethanol up to 15% of its total fuel volume. You have to give it a good quality fuel with a low-ethanol level for optimal performance.

About Duromax

The Generac GP 5500 is one of the most popular and highly decorated portable generators manufactured by Generac. A reliable brand in the United States for home generators at an affording price. Generac GP5500 is one of its models in the GP range.

Warranty Information

Unlike the other generator, Generac GP 5500 generator has three years of warranty where the other generator of the same brand has a regular warranty (2 years). To know more about the warranty, please contact customer support on the official website of Generac Power System.

Download Generac GP5500 Manual

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Generac GP5500 vs Other Models in the Same Series

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The Generac GP5500 Versus Other Generators

Fuel Efficiency Comparison

If you want to purchase a cheaper generator, Westinghouse WGen2000 will offer you excellent service. This product produces less power so that you can run your computer and DIY tools, but not your refrigerator.

So, the GP5500 generator’s power production is far more better than Westinghouse WGen2000.

In few words, Champion Power 75531i has outstanding features like Lightweight, ultra-portability, and much quieter to run than other generators, this is the perfect generator you will want if you’re a camp lover.

It produces 2,800 watts of clean energy. So if you don’t want to hear the disgusting noisy sound of GP5500, then Champion Power 75531i can be your perfect selection.

At last, comes the Pulsar PG7000W generator. This is an excellent diesel generator for homes or offices. It generates up to 5,500 running watts and able to power everything from campers to household appliances.

It’s heavier but runs longer than many gas-powered generators. If you are looking for a powerful generator it can be your other choice.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Generac GP5500?

We have put every single aspect of this generator before your eyes. The generator is a standard choice rates among the consumers. As you can see it has both positive and negative reviews.

But among the other models of the same brand and price range, this generator is undoubtedly the best choice. So if you want to give yourself a product with a better price range, don’t hesitate to purchase it. Happy shopping.

Questions & Answers

How long will a Generac 5500 run on a tank of gas?

It is estimated that a Generac 5500 generator runs about 10 consecutive hours. However, it may vary according to the health of the generator.

How much does a 5500-watt generator cost?

The price may go ups and downs between $800 to $900. But the average price of a Generac 5500 generator is just above $700.

How long can a Generac generator run nonstop?

Generac generator can run up to 10 hours non stop. Even though it can differ according to the engine health, but the average time is 10 consecutive hours.

Generac GP5500 Generator Review
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Noise Level
  • Ease of Use
  • Price


Are you asking us directly that if you should buy this generator or not? Then our answer is, Yes. If you are looking for a portable generator that just works perfectly fine, with zero fuss, the Generac GP5500 is just an excellent choice for recreational uses, homes, and any commercial business purposes.

It produces a little bit of loud noise while running, but it’s significantly more powerful than other generators of this particular size. Should we tell the best features? It’s very easy to use, able to generate for a long time, low oil shutdown automatically safeguards the engine. The fuel gauge provides durability and extended 10 hours of running time.

Also, it is cheaper than many other similar powered models, These features made it an excellent value for money. Our opinion? This Generac GP5500 is an amazing choice among the other portable generators of the same brand.

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  • Contains fold down locking handle
  • Low oil shutdown feature
  • Contains never flat wheels
  • Twist lock available


  • A little bit noisy
  • More heavy than other ordinary generators
  • Not CARB-compliant
  • Low fuel efficiency

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  • Performance
  • Design
  • Noise Level
  • Ease of Use
  • Price