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Along with portable generators and whole house generators, inverter generators are used to run everything from an RV to a coffee pot in places where you don’t have access to a power grid. Although they can require a higher upfront investment, inverter generators are noticeably quiet and fuel efficient. In this guide you’ll learn what to look for in an inverter generator, what one is and how to choose one.

What Is An Inverter Generator?

An Inverter generator is a clean source of emergency power back up you will ever use. With a highly efficient power supply and low noise level, an inverter generator is sometimes better than portable generators of the same power level.

Though inverter generators don’t provide as much power as portable generators, they do provide clean power sources that can run your sensitive electronics and other household appliances.

Sometimes, an inverter generator works as a lifesaver when you are very much in need of an emergency power supply in camping or an RV ride.

Whether you are looking for a great generator with excellent fuel efficiency or quiet performance, we have a list of more than a dozen of inverter generators to choose from. Hopefully, this article of Best inverter generator reviews will help you find your ideal selection.

How Does An Inverter Generator Work?

Most of the inverter generators are designed similarly to other ordinary generator models to provide a clean emergency power supply. Inverter generators basically work in two steps. Firstly they convert the AC power into Direct current or DC. Then similarly convert the DC power once more into AC power.

The inverter generators are specially designed for proving a smooth emergency power supply with a minimum level of noise production.

WEN 56235i Portability

Conventional Generator VS. Power Inverters: Which Is Better?

Even though both of them have a similar job to do which is providing emergency power output, but power inverters work quite differently than generators.

Firstly, the power inverters work by using the battery, converting the AC power into DC when the generator runs with gasoline. Huge difference in the fuel types. Though gasoline is easy to store and you will be able to use it until the fuel tank ends but isn’t it difficult to find the gas source every time it is finished. Therefore, gas is not as available as the other kinds of fuel types.

Secondly, inverter generators work by producing power with a pure sine wave that most of the electronic devices required to be run. The generators don’t work that way so if you run your sensitive devices and other household appliances with gas-powered generators, there is a possibility that they will get hot for an extra power outage which may affect the ultimate efficiency of that particular device.

Thirdly, coming to the noise production. Both the gas and propane-powered generators produce much more noise, compared to the power inverters. And the cheap generators produce 70 to 80-decibel noise levels on average that is a prime cause of sound pollution. Either you want to go camping or tailgating, power generators are definitely a better selection than generators.

So considering these three aspects we can easily decide that conventional generators don’t stand a chance to be compared to power inverters.

Best Inverter Generators On The Market 2022

We have gone through almost every single inverter generator on the market and analyzed its features. And came up with this list. The preferences may vary from person to person due to the budget and functionality, but we are damn sure that these are the best among them all.

Let’s check out the best portable inverter generators on the market down so far.

1. Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready

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Pros & Cons of Champion 3400

  • Parallel operation available.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Low oil shut off.
  • No remote start on this model.

First, on our list, Champion 3400 inverter generator manufactured by Champion Power Equipment. It is one of the most demandable dual fuel inverter generators on the market with a long run time of 7 consecutive hours and excellent emergency outage. This model has pretty much similarity with the champion 3100 regarding the functionalities. It contains a low oil shut-off mode that safeguards the engine. The control panel is well built and provides ultra-quiet operation.

Champion generators generate a minimum of 2800 watts of pure power with 50A RV outlets that make it convenient for your RV. The power inverter produces only 59 dBA of noise level which is pretty much normal for a generator. Thanks to the Champion Power Equipment for its low noise level which makes it a great choice for camping grounds or a cookout party.

The generator is also great for easy transportation. Only contains 100 pounds of weight that make it easy to carry and move around almost by an adult person of any age, both male and female. The generator contains 3 years of limited warranty provided by champion power equipment.

2. Firman W03083 - 3300 Watt Remote Start Inverter Generator


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Pros & Cons of Firman W03083

  • Consistent output.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Sturdy design.
  • User friendly.
  • Unavailability of fuel.

Coming to the second one on our list. Firman W03083 inverter generator can generate 3300 pure starting watts and 3000 running watts with its 171cc heavy-duty engine. The generator contains 10 hours long run time with its 1.8-gallon fuel tank.

The generator contains 4 outlets and one USB port. Its dual-fuel engine generates enough power to run all the house-hold appliances including sensitive devices like a laptop, or a mobile phone.

Its ultra-lightweight feature is one of the prime advantages that lead it to the top of the demand on the market. Only contains 109 lbs of weight which can be lifted by any person easily.

The inverter generator comes with a 3-year warranty. An excellent choice for camping trips, tailgating, job sites, or for your RV.

3. Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Series Inverter Generator with Quiet Power Technology

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Pros & Cons of Briggs & Stratton P2200

  • LED screen in embedded.
  • Safe running session .
  • Contains Spark arrestor.
  • Expensive.

Briggs and Stratton P2200 is one of the best inventions of the PowerSmart Series. Unlike the other modern inverter generators of the same brand, this inverter generator contains quite a huge amount of great features and functionalities. Even though Briggs and Stratton P2200 got a moderate amount of review on amazon but the generator is undoubtedly one of the best inverter generators on the market.

Starting with its power production. Its highly efficient engine generates 1700 starting watts and 2200 surge watts that is extraordinary with this budget. Though it’s not a dual fuel generator its heavy-duty, gas-powered engine covers up great functionality that makes the generator to the highest pick of the demand. The fuel tank size is moderate, which contains a capacity of 1-gallon pure gasoline.

The inverter generator provides a run time of 8 hours. One of the most attractive features of this generator is its lightweight. Weighs only 55 pounds, which is extremely low and can be carried and moved on by anyone. Produces a noise level of 59 dBA that makes it an excellent choice for a camping trip or a tailgate party.

4. Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start Transfer Switch Ready

Pros & Cons of Westinghouse WGen7500

  • Parallel operation available.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Low oil shut off.
  • Might be a little bit expensive

Westinghouse Wgen 7500 watt inverter generator is one of the best models of Westinghouse. Its excellent 7500w consistent running watts make it a great selection for the house. The control panel makes it easy for you to take control of everything.

Like the other portable generators, it’s popular for its lightweight feature. The remote start feature makes it easier for you to on and off the engine from a far distance. The generator includes an LED screen that shows the functions, fuel consumption, and remaining oil level. Comes with one 120V USB outlet and one USB port.

Its parallel capability allows you to join another generator with a parallel kit and increase the amount of power according to your necessity. Its modern inverter technology increases the performance of the machine.

The inverter generator is completely CARB compliant and EPA certified. Comes with a 3-year warranty. A great choice for camping, tailgating, or a job site.

5. DuroMax XP12000EH Generator 12000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered Home Back Up & RV Ready "50 State Approved"

Pros & Cons of DuroMax XP12000EH

  • Parallel operation available.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Low oil shut off.
  • Expensive

Another dual fuel inverter that will charm you with its excellent features. Its 457cc OHV engine generates a lot of power which is enough for a home power supply. The remote start feature allows controlling the engine even if you are not close to the generator.

The high-performance engine provides excellent energy output by generating 12000 starting watts and 9500 running watts which is enough to power up a whole house for several hours. The high-capacity fuel-efficient tank contains a dual fuel feature and the low oil shut-off sensor ensures the safety of the engine.

The economy mode ensures the engine provides proper power output. Provides a run time of 7 hours on a quarter load of the propane tank and 9 hours on a quarter load of the gasoline tank.

The weight is a factor which you might not be happy about. The generator weighs 224 pounds, which makes it extremely heavy to move or shift for a single person. The noise levels vary depending on the fuel type.

The generator is CARB compliant and EPA certified, meaning you can use it all over the 50 states. 3 years of warranty is available.

6. WEN 56235i Quiet 1900/2350W Inverter Generator With Fuel Shut Off, CARB Compliant, Ultra Lightweight

Pros & Cons of Wen 56235i

  • Parallel operation available.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Fuel shutoff.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Electric start unavailable.

Wen 56235i portable generator is one of the best models of the Wen series. It has become popular in the market for its excellent fuel consumption, low noise level, and portable weight. Wen 56235i portable inverter generator got a maximum positive review on Amazon among all other portable inverter generators of Wen. The generator contains 1900 running wattage and 2350 surge wattage.

With its 1-gallon tank size, it can provide a run time of 10.5 hours in quarter load. The generator contains two 5V USB ports and two 120V receptacles. The generator generates enough power to power up small devices like mobile or laptops. Its parallel capability allows it to connect another generator with it. The generator is totally EPA certified and CARB compliant.

It produces only 51 decibels of noise level which is extremely low compared to the other inverter generators. And it weighs only 39 pounds, which makes it ultra-light for easy transportation.

3-year limited warranty available and comes with a user guide for easy installation.

7. Ford FG2200iS 2200W Silent Series Inverter Generator

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Pros & Cons of Ford FG2200iS

  • Can run big appliances.
  • Comparatively quiet.
  • Remote start.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Expensive.

Ford FG2200iS is the only model of the Ford generator Brand. Ford FG2200iS is one of the neatest and compact generator models of the company. This portable generator has earned huge popularity among consumers for its outstanding performance, excellent run time, and low noise levels.

The generator contains a maximum of 2000 running watts and 2200 starting watts. It’s OEM branded engine runs with gasoline. The gas capacity of the tank is 1.8 gallons. With quarter load it provides a run time of 6 hours. Ford FG2200iS portable inverter generator contains one 12V DC outlet and one USB port.

Talking about noise levels. The inverter generator produces only 59 dBA, which is quite impressive. The generator is CARB compliant and holds a 2-year warranty.

8. Generac 7117 GP2200I Small 1700/2200W Inverter Generator

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Pros & Cons of Generac GP2200i

  • Stable output.
  • long tunning session.
  • Best For RV/Outdoor.
  • The unit does not come with a feature to start it remotely.

Generac GP2200i portable inverter generator is a great choice combining the functionalities and the budget. The engine is extremely fuel-efficient. The eco mode controls the power output. The generator runs with a total harmonic distortion creating a sine curve which is a must-necessary advantage for running sensitive devices.

Generac GP2200i portable inverter generator is one of the best selections for its high-quality features. The economy mode ensures maximum power output. The pull start feature allows you to switch the generator on and off safely with just one pull. The control panel ensures maximum maintenance of the engine units.

The LED display shows the remaining oil level for easy understanding. The electric recoil and power shut-off features safeguard the engine. The inverter generator contains two 5V USB ports and two 12V DC outlets,

The power quality of the engine is extremely great. The engine generates 2200 starting watts and 2,000 watts of running wattage. The running wattage depends on the fuel type.

The generator is fully CARB compliant. The generator is great for emergency power supply for your RV or travel trailer.

9. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

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Pros & Cons of Yamaha EF2000iSv2

  • Low noise level: 51.5 dba.
  • Powerful.
  • Affordable.
  • Touch start.
  • Smaller fuel tank capacity.

Yamaha ef2000isv2 is a great portable inverter generator in case you want to have one for both your home and outdoor activities. The generator includes a control panel that upholds the maintenance of the system. The engine is extremely fuel-efficient and generates enough power to provide emergency power output for your home and outdoor purposes.

Yamaha ef2000isv2 portable inverter generator is one of the best models of the Yamaha brand for its high usability, functionality, and cheap price. The fuel gauge feature allows quick inspection of the fuel level. The generator contains economy mode and provides 10 hours long run time with a quarter load of gasoline.

Coming to the running wattage. This inverter generator generates 2000 starting watts and 1800 running power.

Yamaha ef2000isv2 inverter generator contains one 12v DC outlet and one battery charging outlet and comes with a comfortable grip handle for easy portability.

The generator is carb compliant and EPA certified. The generator contains a user guide with the box.

10. Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 1800 Rated & 2200 Peak Watts

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Pros & Cons of Westinghouse iGen2200

  • Provides consistent output.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Simple installing process.
  • Does not have a fuel gauge.

Westinghouse iGen 2200 watt inverter generator is our only selection from the Westinghouse brand. The portable generator is the best of all the other inverter generators of the company. Its highly fuel-efficient engine and electric recoil start feature ensure its heavy functionality. The multiple units of the engine provide extra fuel load and the economy mode ensures the maximum fuel consumption.

The generator contains 1800 running watts and 2200 surge wattage. The running power doesn’t depend on the fuel type as it uses only gasoline. Its electric circuit breaker performs a rapid inspection of the whole system to provide safety.

The power output is as expected and it can generate a huge amount of running power that is able to run powerful devices like a refrigerator or an air conditioner. The generator contains one AC outlet and can run up to 7 hours with a quarter load of gas.

Westinghouse iGen 2200 inverter generator is among the best inverter generators that will make any customer happy with its ultralight weight and low noise level. It weighs only 46 pounds and produces a noise level of only 52 dBA which is like a regular conversation in your room.

11. Generac iQ2000 Inverter Generator 6866 - CARB Compliant

Pros & Cons of Generac IQ2000

  • Easy to regulate and read operations.
  • Excellent engine.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Expensive.

Generac IQ2000 is a popular inverter generator among consumers for its highly decorated inverter technology and excellent power output. The generator contains 2,000 watts of running power and 1600 surge wattage. All the engine units are highly fuel-efficient. The pull start method allows you to start the generator with just one slight pull and an electric recoil start ensures a consistent system inspection.

This portable generator is one of the best inverter generators for its outstanding functionalities and user-friendliness. The RV-ready inverter generator contains a 120V 20A 5-20R Duplex outlet. Its 4 stroke OHV engine provides almost 6 hours of runtime with 50% load.

The inverter generator comes with 3 years warranty and contains a user guide with it.

12. Honda EU2200I 2200 Watt Inverter Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator, 663530 with Co-Minder

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Pros & Cons of Honda EU2200i

  • Easy to regulate and read operations.
  • Excellent engine.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Highly expensive.

Honda EU2200i is undoubtedly the best portable generator on the market. With 2200 starting watts and 2000 surge wattage Honda EU2200i is called a beast in the generator world. Surely, it is not the only one on the market with that much running power but it combines all the great functionalities and tools that are essential for emergency home electricity or outdoor activities.

The generator contains a recoil starter that makes it a more clear starting process. You can also use the parallel kit to increase the amount of output you need by joining two generators together. Honda EU2200i is totally RV-ready and generates a very low noise level of only 57 dBA.

Honda EU2200i is one of the best inverter generators among the other models of the Honda brand for its unique design and functionality. If we compare Honda EU2200i with a conventional generator or Honda EU3000IS, which is another beauty of Honda, the EU2200i stands as the best for its functionalities and reliability.

The generator holds two 12V outlets and two USB ports for charging batteries when you don’t have electricity near to catch. All these features made this the best inverter generator on the market.

13. WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

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Pros & Cons of WEN 56200i

  • CARB compliant and EPA certified.
  • Ultra-quiet.
  • Ultra-lightweight for easy transportation.
  • Difficult oil refill.

WEN 56200i inverter generator is among the moderate selection you will find in all inverter generator reviews. This inverter generator is well known for combining all the super features like the previous power inverter on our list. The generator has many similarities with the WEN 56310i inverter generator in run time, power output, number of tools, and outlets.

WEN 56200i is one of the best inverter generators for its rearranging system of operation which is unavailable in WEN 56310i. For the exact same reason, we have chosen WEN 56200i over the other one.

The WEN 56200i inverter generator contains a 4-stroke 79.7 cc engine that generates clean power output with 1600 running watts and 2000 surge wattage on quarter load. The generator operates in total harmonic distortion that generates a sine curve, great for sensitive devices and emergency power needs at your home or in case you need clean electricity on your RV. The engine also includes an eco-mode and the remote start feature eases your starting process from a far distance. You can also increase the amount of output by adding another generator with the parallel kit.

The model contains a single outlet and USB port attached to it. It weighs only 48 pounds which made it an ultra-lightweight and best inverter generator in its price range.

14. Honda EU3000iS Portable Inverter Generator Power Equipment

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Pros & Cons of Honda EU3000iS

  • Easy to regulate and read operations.
  • Excellent engine.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Highly expensive.

Another model of the Honda brand. We didn’t have to think too much to give it a place on our list. We will call it the best inverter generator on the market in the 3000-watt range. . With 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts, the generator produces a clean power output and provides a run time of 7 hours with a quarter load of its 3.4-gallon gas tank.

The remote start feature allows you to operate the generator easily. The electric circuit breaker option safeguards the engine by shutting it down when the electricity is out of the flow. The generator produces clean power to run all the household appliances such as air conditioning and refrigerator.

The generator includes two 120V AC outlets and one 12V DC outlet. The generator is a great choice for the emergency power output for your home or RV when you run out of electricity.

The only factor you might not be happy about this generator is the weight. It weighs 130 pounds which is pretty much heavy for an average adult person.

15. Pulsar PG2300iS Quiet 1800/2300W Inverter Generator, USB Outlet & Parallel Capability

Pros & Cons of Pulsar PG2300iS 2

  • Perfect for sensitive devices like laptops.
  • Effective.
  • Affordable.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Not the best option for the entire house

Pulsar PG2300iS is the only model of the brand we choose for certain advantages it provides. The generator comes with the perfect amount of power output, all necessary tools, and functionalities that you can’t find in any ordinary conventional generator.

The generator generates 2300 starting watts and 1800 running watts with a quarter load of gas, which is perfect for your home emergency backup or running devices.

The generator contains two 120V DC outlets and a single USB outlet for charging devices. This RV-ready inverter generator provides great advantages in the case of portability. It weighs only 48 pounds which can be moved away by even a teenage boy.

The generator produces only 59 dBA of noise level which is as similar as the room conversation. Not very annoying right. The generator is not the best in this list compared to Honda or Champion, but it really worth every penny of yours.

Inverter Generator Features

There are a lot of features that an inverter generator occupies. There is no denying the fact that inverter generators are superior in work value and functionality. We have described some of the features below. These will also put a clear chart of comparison before your eyes and you will understand easily why conventional generators don’t stand a chance with the inverter generators.

Moreover, these features vary from brand to brand and model to model but ultimately we are putting before your eyes the effectiveness of the inverter generators as a whole.

1. Design And Output

The design and power output is the prime concern for choosing a generator. The functionality of the generator depends on the design. And most important is the power output. You have you identify the amount of power you need and purchase a generator that matches your desire.

2. Safe Energy For Sensitive Electronics

Some inverter generators produce sine curve whine running. This is the most important feature for running sensitive devices as they highly require the sine curve power for running smoothly safely.

3. Suitable For Noise Restricted Areas

Most of the inverter generators have noise reduction technology that reduces the noise level in case you need to use them in a restricted area or want to take them camping.

4. Better Fuel Efficiency

The inverter generators have better fuel efficiency compared to the other generators which allow the engine to utilize the fuel at its peak and provide a smooth service for a long period of time.

5. Parallel Operation

It’s a great option in many inverter generators. You can join two generators together with the parallel kit and increase the amount of power you need. The generators don’t need to be of the same fuel type. It doesn’t depend on the brand either.

6. Portability

Most of the inverter generators are very lightweight. Maximum of them are of average size and weigh around 50 to 80 pounds which can be lifted by any individual.

Best Inverter Generator

7. When You Need A Lot Of Power

Inverter generators are basically built for converting the power with the battery and provide clean power for an emergency backup for your home or RV. If you are in need of a lot of power for running heavy devices, highly efficient inverter generators are capable of doing so.

Here are the top five most important factors we have mentioned, that you must take into your consideration before buying an inverter generator. However, these are not all the features and functionalities you find. Obviously, there are more, but these are the basics that every people requires.

However, the necessity of specs and functionalities may differ from person to person. The amount of output you need as your home emergency backup will not be the same as the requirement for camping. We just mentioned some primary factors that you will need whether you use your generator at your home, outdoor, or any other place.

1. Power

The most important factor that you need to take into consideration before buying a generator is the power production it generates. You have to identify the amount of power you require and then purchase one which matches your expectation.

2. Noise Level

It’s very important whether you want to run it into a residential area or camp. You don’t want to turn your neighbor into your enemies and also you don’t like to scare the wildlife while you are camping outside. Choose the best generator which produces the lowest noise level.

3. Run Time

Run time is the second most important factor after power production. You never know how long you will be in need of this emergency backup. So, as long as the generator can run as good it is for you. Even though the run time depends on the fuel type but some dual-fuel inverters are great to provide you maximum runtime.

4. Clean Energy

Producing clean power is a must in case you want to run sensitive devices with your generator. These delicate devices require pure sine curve power to have a smooth and safe running session. So, choose the generators that run in a harmonic distortion that generates a sine curve power.

5. Parallel Operation

In case you have multiple generators and you want to join them together to increase the amount of output. You need to use a parallel kit to do so. Almost all inverter generators contain this feature.

A lot of people make mistakes while buying an inverter generator. We will guide you to find out the mistakes and get them fixed. You will identify the factors to be considered before buying an inverter generator.

1. Differentiate between a pure sine wave and a modified sine wave

There is a huge difference between a pure sine curve and a modified sine curve. Pure sine wave generates consistent clean power that is necessary for sensitive and delicate electronic devices. The modified sine wave inverters are way cheaper and generate a kind of fabricated power with a high noise level that is not a suitable choice for the workplaces. So, avoid the modified sine waves.

2. Identify the energy requirement

Identify how much energy you require. Whether you want the inverter for your RV, home emergency supply or you need it for outdoor camping the power requirement always varies. So you must know how much power you need, to purchase your ideal match.

3. Use a suitable battery

Use a suitable battery that matches your generator’s power production. The amount of power it produces depends on the battery efficiency too. So if the battery power doesn’t match the energy, it can affect the generator’s total functionalities.

4. Get the proper features

Some people don’t identify the features they need, there are so many features that can be necessary for different occasions. The remote switch, outlets, low oil shutdown features. You must know which circumstances you are going to use your inverter generators in.

5. Power and runtime

This is the most important factor to look at. You must want an inverter for a special purpose, MAybe for your RV, or camping. The purchase should be based on the amount of power and runtime you require.

How To Quiet A Generator

Frequently Asked Questions

To be exact, conventional generators don’t stand a chance in front of the power inverters. Power inverters produce pure sine curve clean efficient energy from the battery by converting the AC power into DC. Where the dual-fuel generators run by gas or propane, which are comparatively harmful to sensitive electronics. Moreover, the unavailability of fuel and more noise production made these conventional generators a poor competitor with the power inverters.

Inverter generators can run most of the household appliances including sensitive electronics and highly desirable devices. However, there is a difference in the power efficiency among the inverters. A highly efficient inverter can convert the DC battery power into AC clean energy and run a refrigerator or even an Air conditioner.

Absolutely yes. Inverter generators will provide you better multiple functionalities compared to conventional generators. Either you are looking for fuel availability or clean power production for your RV or you want a quiet generator to take it to outdoor activities or home emergency power supply, Inverter generators don’t have an alternative.

Low noise level is one of the most important features of inverter generators. Compared to conventional generators, power inverters produce a low noise level for their compact design and small engine size. Also, the inverters are made with noise-free technology which leads them to a quiet and smooth running session.

Inverter generators convert the DC battery energy into AC energy and produce pure sine curve power which is a must required for sensitive electronics. Electronics like mobiles and laptops need the sine curve energy to be run safely, So the inverter generators are providing complete safety in that case.

Yes. As the fuel-powered generators run on gasoline and propane so their energy production speed goes ups and downs according to the fuel supply which means they can’t generate a clean sine curve energy. On the other hand, inverter generators convert the DC battery power into AC energy in a proportionate consistency, that generates a pure sine wave curve.

Using two different generators in a parallel doesn’t depend on either the size or the brand of the generators. All you need is just a parallel kit to join them together and you are all set to use the combined energy for your RV, home, or outdoor camping.